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Corporate & Promotional Gifts!

Here at Apparel Point, we understand that when you need a gift for an important client or someone in your family, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. That’s why we’ve evolved ordinary corporate gifts into inspired, unique business gifts.

A gift goes a long way in building your brand and appreciating your clients and team members. Apparel Point’s corporate gift range is innovative and unique. Run of the mill, boring corporate gifts, just don’t do the trick anymore! Get in touch with our design team today to build your very own unique corporate gift pack, which is exclusive to your brand and image. We specialize, in brainstorming, designing, sourcing, manufacturing and inventory management of corporate gifts. Our specialists will guide you in choosing the right print methods (heat transfer, sublimation, sticker printing, etc.) for your corporate give away. For high volume orders to be distributed across the year, we provide top notch logistical and inventory management service. We are The most reliable and professional corporate gifts suppliers in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi , UAE


Confused about what’s an appropriate gift for your business type?

You are not the first one facing this problem. At Apparel Point, our team has extensive experience in designing and conceptualizing an annual corporate gift plan. We know first hand that a “one size fits all” approach does not work. A car mobile charger is a great idea for an on the road sales team but not so much for your machine operators. A coffee mug with your logo is as easy client give away, but it’s been overdone. A calendar diary for the current year with your logo is considered evergreen, but are wasted if not fully distributed early on in the year.

Each category of gifts, have their pros and cons, and need to be thought about before moving on to order placement. Our team will share their experience and knowledge with you to ensure your corporate give away plan, achieves their intended goals. Get in touch with one of the leading corporate gifting companies in dubai today to brain storm and come up with something exciting and innovative for your company !

How Corporate Gifts benefit a business?

What is the goal of having a corporate gifts plan ? Your corporate gift must effectively promote your company and build a sense of goodwill and bond with your clients and business acquaintances. A well-crafted personalized gift fosters a sense of belonging and connection between all stakeholders. Even a small gift with your logo on it will go a long away in building brand awareness with your target audience. A purchase manager or acquaintance who remembers your company’s goodwill gestures is more likely to refer you to others for the services and/or products you offer. According to a 2020 Business Gifting Report, by USA based corporate gifting company Packed with Purpose,

“It was found that 68 percent of people who have received a “memorable” gift basket or gift box from a business said it strengthened their relationship with the business.”


In a further interesting find, the same report showed that companies which distribute gifts supporting a social cause, the appreciation and positive influence felt by the targeted audience was significantly more.

Some examples of this are breast cancer awareness promotional t-shirts, gift hampers at charitable fund raisers, a covid safety box with face masks, hand sanitizers and gloves. All of these gifting ideas, promote a positive social impact while simultaneously building your brand and/or corporate identity

How to decide on the right corporate gift in 4 steps?

Think of the purpose of the gift: Are you extolling a milestone, a personal achievement, or a casual thanks-giving?
Do you plan on personally giving these gifts or sending them in the mail or courier? Plan for additional expenses for transporting oversized or heavy gifts.
Do you plan to give separate types of gifts for different clients, suppliers, employees, etc . Do you plan on embossing or printing your logo on the gifts? Always make sure to check if your logo looks and feels right on intended gift, before placing a big order. A logo which looks out of place or starts smudging can be embarrassing and have a negative impact on your image
What is your budget? How much storage do you plan to allocate for storing the gifts? Placing small orders through out the year can be very expensive as opposed to placing a large order at once. However, storing and taking care of the gifts can also be expensive and time consuming. Too big a budget may dry up funds for your other marketing activities, and too small a budget may end up resulting in your gifts not having a strong impact.
Apparel Points team will work with your budget at each step to ensure you execute a cost efficient and effective corporate gift plan.
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Which Exciting Corporate Gifts Apparel Point has for you!

Apparel Point has been recognized as Corporate and promotional gifts suppliers in Dubai for its dedication to perfection and commitment to innovation with years of expertise.

Customized Diaries

A diary can be customized with inbuilt power banks, various types of PU or leather finishing. First few pages in the diary can highlight your brand and corporate vision. Diaries can be made with straps , or metal tags embossed with your logo. Get best quality  customized diaries in Dubai, UAE


Pens with Logo

A pen is a timeless gift. Consider ordering these in bulk and making it part of a bigger promotional gift suppliers hamper. Stylish and sleek silver pens with stylus tips are available.


Power Banks

Wireless and wired in various capacities from 1500 MAH to 50,000 are available. All can be customized with your logo and special packaging.

Customized Gift Boxes

Give your clients small meaningful corporate gifts in a customized gift box.
promotional Gift Boxes made from Apparel Point are durable, long-lasting, creative, and unique. We furnish Customized Corporate Gifts in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and all other emirates across the UAE, with instant, hassle-free delivery just at your doorstep. You can let us know your requirements and, we will design the promotional gift box to match your needs under expert supervision. Below are examples of some of the work we have done in the past :

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It all happens at Apparel Point ! Share your ideas with us today and we will suggest you which is the best way ahead. A gift which is properly customized and tailored to your needs will strengthen your market penetration and help build repeat clientele.

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A corporate gift matters a lot as it creates a win-win situation for both the recipient and the sender. Get your exclusively personalized, exciting, unique, cost-effective Corporate Gifts from Apparel Point today!

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