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HealthCare Uniforms-Uniforms that Empower Faith and Dignity!

HealthCare Uniforms are an impactful epitome of dignity and reliance. The health care uniform should be sufficient to spread the faith and the essence of positivity. Apart, the uniforms should provide comfort and proper safety!

Wearing professional Healthcare uniforms helps in building a professional identity in health care. It fosters building professionalism which is an essential trait to boost confidence and trust.

In the healthcare departments, the risk is not worth taking! Bacteria and the spread of infection need to be defeated and avoided continuously at every possible moment. Healthcare Staff often has to take care of the uniform to home for cleaning, which develops even more risk of passing bacteria to their families and close ones, so it becomes even more paramount for the uniforms to be proper enough with all precautions ensured.

Health Care uniforms designed by our experts can match all your expectations. When you choose us, We assure you to provide you with the best in isolation gowns, masks, lab coats, doctor coats, nurse shoes, nurse sets, scrubs, medical wear, reusable masks, and custom masks.

Top 3 things to keep in mind before choosing any healthcare uniform!

Pick a uniform that is easy to maintain in aspects of hygiene and simplicity.
Take a comfortable uniform with all precautions ensured.
Choose a uniform that will match the desired role perfectly.

Factors you can count Apparel Point in!

We are catering to Doctor Uniform’s needs over the UAE with more than 15 years of expertise. We favor you in all Hospital Uniforms essentials like:

Isolation Gowns

Our Isolation gowns are significant to protect skin and prevent soiling or contamination of clothing during procedures and patient care activities. They are capable of matching all these bars that make them a sustainable right choice.


Wearing Proper masks prevents certain vulnerable diseases. Today, more than 100 types of health care masks are available. The health care masks designed by our designers are creative and prevent all respiratory diseases.

Lab Coats

Our research lab coats produce an expert impression in any laboratory, protect the inner clothes, and are simple. They are washable and easy to maintain, available in ancient white and different colors.

Doctor Coats

A doctor’s coat is significant for easy recognition among patients and employees. Apart, it also protects from infection in the surrounding. A white Coat offered by us helps to maintain body temperature in the chilly environment of the hospital.

Nurse Shoes

Ideal nurse shoes should be comfortable. The Nurse shoes designed by us are reliable, increase speed, and provide adequate support so that the nurse will not have aching feet at the end of the day.

Nurse Set

A nurse set is a one-stop solution to match all the requirements of a nurse. Nurse Sets provided by us make it easy for a nurse to get everything she needs at a place.


Scrubs provided by us will boost your staff’s confidence and will make them look more professional. They help to keep the medical environment sterile. You can go for antimicrobial scrub trousers for value-added protection.

Reusable Masks

Reusable Masks eliminate the need for a new mask every day. Reusable masks should be washed regularly, at least once a day. We at Apparel Point have some extravagant reusable masks to suit you.

Custom Masks

Custom masks are the customized masks explicitly made for a particular role or an individual. We provide custom masks all over UAE, under strict deadlines. You can slay with your custom masks in different important events, which makes them more human-friendly.
Health is Wealth. So, choose wisely before making a choice. We are the leading Medical Uniforms Supplier in Dubai, UAE, thanks to our hardworking team and their genuine efforts. Choose us as your health care uniform partner and get all your desired health care stuff. For any query, connect with us

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